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London Clockwork [userpic]
Fic -- SGA/Torchwood -- one-off crossover
by London Clockwork (polaris_starz)
at June 4th, 2007 (12:55 am)

McKay spends the first day yelling, a lot. When Tosh explains the Rift, he turns purple and they're treated to a forty-five minute rant on how the physics are impossible. The second day, he proves why. By this point, Ianto has hidden Owen's revolver and Tosh has started taking notes and poking McKay occasionally to see what he'll say. Gwen seems to find it all hilarious. Jack watches McKay amusedly, and frowns when no one's looking.

Two minutes after trying Ianto's coffee, he's McKay's favourite person ever.

"You can't get back through the rift," Jack says, and nobody looks at Owen. McKay just sets his mouth, stubborn downward slash, and says haughtily that maybe they can't.

Two weeks later, Jack thinks maybe McKay's starting to believe him. His mouth still has that downward turn, and there's something brittle about his ranting. He seems less, and the Hub has stopped echoing with his shouting.

Owen talks about retconning him, but Jack refuses point-blank. He doesn't have any doubt that McKay will break the memory barriers in record time, and he doesn't have to imagine very hard to see how horrified the man would be to lose even a little bit of his mind.

Besides, as McKay had said caustically sometime on the first day, he was already very experienced at keeping quiet about top-secret government projects. Jack doesn't doubt it, or what he tells them-- it's fairly obvious that McKay can't lie.

His mouth gets an odd little twist everytime he calls Jack "Captain," as if he thinks he should be saying something else. Once he got halfway through "Colonel," before snapping his mouth shut abruptly, and had gone uncharacteristically quiet for some time after.

"You don't understand," he says, around the time the first night bleeds into the second morning. "There will be people looking for me. I'm very important."

Jack believes him long before the fourth week, when they've all started to get used to him, and go off on a call and return to find the Rift 30% more stabilised.

Ianto's flashes of sarcasm and emotion, suppressed after Jack's return, are becoming more frequent under near-constant exposure to McKay, out of sheer self-defence. For this alone Jack would be grateful, but Tosh, too, seems to be learning how to let the insults and scorn wash over her and focus on satisfying her curiosity. Owen's needling has stopped distressing her to such a huge degree, and it's a nice improvement. These are both changes that were already taking place, but McKay seems to be some sort of catalyst, and Jack can't complain. For the first time in months, Ianto stays in his office for longer than it takes to simply deliver the coffee.

Owen, faced with someone who can run roughshod over his insults and spluttered protests, becomes steadily more catty with McKay, who seems to find him distasteful, and says as much. Gwen still finds the whole thing hilarious, but Jack, watching, sees her softening, too, as McKay gets steadily more homesick. McKay, for his part, seems baffled but oddly grateful for this measure of sympathy, and his jabs at her have little bite.

When Owen asks why the hell McKay can't get used to being at Torchwood-- because it's obvious they can't send him anywhere, and he's damned useful-- McKay turns bright red and instead of the diatribe against the Hub Owen must have been expecting, he says, "Because the longer I'm here the more likely it is that I'm going to go back and find everybody dead!"

It's very quiet, after that. Gwen and Tosh glare daggers at Owen, Ianto brings McKay the really good coffee, and McKay, still pink, goes back to working on a piece of mostly harmless alien tech they'd dragged out of storage to see if he could fix.