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cathedrals of the sky

speak kindly and poetically

we tell tales tonight
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There isn't a great deal to say about me that anyone visiting this page probably doesn't know already; since I keep a pretty low-profile as far as fandom is concerned, most of you are probably here from my personal journal, polaris_starz. This is a community (because I'm lazy) to house both my fanfic and original work-- the production of which is infrequent at best.

A lot of what I write contains homoerotic content; if it's not genfic, it's probably slash. If that bothers you, leave.

Comment where you can; I love feedback and concrit especially.
aliens, allusion, brave new worlds, creating worlds from scratch, elves aren't nice, england, faerie, first-contact, fractured fairytales, ghosts, ireland, mythology, pirates, retelling myths, shakespeare, slash, vampires, werewolves, worldbuilding, yggdrasil, zombies